Want to know what movie is worth watching?

Craig Fields and David Long go out of their way to watch as many films in the cinema and review them on the show, letting you know if they're worth it.

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About the show

in 2018 Craig & David purchased two Cards to their local cinema that allowed them to see ALL the films in the cinema. To make it worthwhile, they thought they'd start something creative talking about the films they had seen. And so the podcast was born. It's taken them on a great journey, joined by lots of passionate people along the way reviewing all the films in the cinema.

  • Created for EVERYONE who loves film
  • New episodes every other week
  • Interviews with podcasters and film lovers from around the world
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About the hosts

Craig and David have been friends for many years after meeting in secondary school. Their journey from friends to podcasters has been a great one. Click below to find out more!

Craig Fields

Presenter, Producer & Podcaster

Craig has been developing his skills in the podcasting world since starting the podcast in 2018 with David. Craig loves nothing more than seeing films on the big screen and talking about them on the show. Craig is the technical guru of the show.

David Long

Presenter, Producer & Podcaster

David is a passionate individual when it comes to the cinema. He's been honing his presenting skills and developed his own spin off show, called ROAD TO THE OSCARS. When David isn't in the cinema, he can be found at his local gambling establishment.