March 9, 2020

CINEMA AT HOME - Episode 4

CINEMA AT HOME - Episode 4

Ranjeet is back in the hot seat, presenting Episode 4 of Cinema at Home.

Along side Ranjeet, Craig and David return to co-Host alongside Herbie Hilsdon.

With a look at Horse Girl, Uncut Gems and anything new to streaming services that we wanted to talk about.

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The Graphic Design Team:

Toby Alexander

Audio Team:

Alex Robert

This episode was produced by:

Craig Fields & Ranjeet Nanrah

Presented by:

Ranjeet Nanrah, Craig Fields, Herbie Hilsdon & David Long

Edited by:

Alex Robert

The Team would like to thank Cineworld Hemel Hempstead for their continued support!Keep looking out for our competitions that take place exclusively on our twitter page @filmisworthit


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