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With AWARDS ACE: Erick Weber

CODA makes history and Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock sending shock waves around the world

On the 7th and final episode of this ‘Road To The Oscars’ series David Long is joined by special guest Erick Weber as they discuss and unpack all the events which took place at the 94th Academy Awards and boy is there plenty to discuss!

The show begins with a discussion about the controversial decision to cut eight of the categories from the live broadcast before David And Erick discuss the highs and lows of the telecast as a whole. History making moments are mentioned and reflected upon before the nights major incident is discussed. Yes that’s right, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock live in front of millions of horrified viewers. Chris Rock says he didn’t know about Jada’s alopecia but was the joke still in bad taste? Both David and Erick give their thoughts on the incident before discussing the potential repercussions for Will Smith. Will Smith has resigned from the Academy but is the worst still yet to come?

The topic of discussion then turns onto what the long term implications may be for Will Smiths career and what this means for the Academy Awards going forward. Are the Oscars in crisis?

David and Erick then finish the show off by looking forward to Oscars 2023 and everything that it may encompass. Who are the major players? What actors could take home Oscars gold come 2023 and can anything top the drama of 2022?

Tune in to find out!

Erick Weber is the Editor-in-Chief of https://www.awardsace.com

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Craig Fields

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Craig has been developing his skills in the podcasting world since starting the podcast in 2018 with David. Craig loves nothing more than seeing films on the big screen and talking about them on the show. Craig is the technical guru of the show.

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David is a passionate individual when it comes to the cinema. He's been honing his presenting skills and developed his own spin off show, called ROAD TO THE OSCARS. When David isn't in the cinema, he can be found at his local gambling establishment.