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S3 EP3 - The Power of the Streaming Services

Netflix goes to war with other streamers in pursuit of Oscars Gold

On this episode Join David Long and special Guest Andrew Morgan of the Nomcast (The Netflix Original Movie Podcast) as they discuss and analyse the power of the streaming services. Streaming services have become increasingly important in recent years, especially during COVID times but is the academy finally ready to crown a film from a streaming service with the coveted prize of Best Picture? David and Andrew discuss. Netflix earned 27 Academy Award Nominations this year marking its third consecutive year as the most-nominated studio, while Disney earned 23 honours. It is no secret that streaming service giants such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Hulu for example did good business in lockdown but will this translate to Oscars success? Both David and Andrew have thoughts.

In the introduction guest Andrew Morgan tackles three questions about the impact of streamers on the film industry as a whole, the ability of streamers to attract big name stars like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and what impact the growing numbers of streamers are having on the worlds most popular streaming service; Netflix.

In the main body of this episode David and Andrew dissect each individual streaming service including HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Hulu, Disney+ and Netflix and their power and potential come Oscars Sunday. A variety of topics are discussed including day and date releases, Dunes Box Office Success, why Amazon seems to care less about the Oscars than Netflix, Apples potential power going forward and the fact that Disney+ may become the worlds biggest streamer by 2026 due to its expansion into India and Indonesia.

The Episode is rounded off with Andrews expert analysis and opinion on Netflix’s Oscar nominations and what they may win come the 94th Academy Awards. Andrew discusses snubs, potential wins and the biggest question of them all; can The Power Of The Dog win Best Picture? The episode then concludes with Andrew looking forward to the 95th Academy Awards and what films may potentially be involved for Netflix.

There is definitely a war raging between these streaming services and only time will tell if the dog will have its day.

Episode Transcript

Craig Fields

Presenter & Producer

Craig has been developing his skills in the podcasting world since starting the podcast in 2018 with David. Craig loves nothing more than seeing films on the big screen and talking about them on the show. Craig is the technical guru of the show.

David Long

Presenter & Producer

David is a passionate individual when it comes to the cinema. He's been honing his presenting skills and developed his own spin off show, called ROAD TO THE OSCARS. When David isn't in the cinema, he can be found at his local gambling establishment.