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S3 EP4 - The Acting Categories - Can Will Smith win his first Oscar with King Richard and Will Ariana DeBose Sweep?

On this episode join David Long and special guest Luke Hearfield as they discuss and analyse the 4 acting categories in all their glory. The show kicks off with some broad discussion about the four categories in question, specifically looking at who made it in and who didn’t. There was of course snubs, none bigger than that of Lady Gaga who made all four of the previous precursors yet somehow missed that coveted Oscar nomination. David and Luke then talk about some of their favourite performances of the year, some of which didn’t receive Oscar nominations before discussing what’s the best nominated performance and why. 

In the main body of the show the four acting categories are dissected and analysed; begging with Actress in a leading role. Of all the four categories in question this is perhaps the biggest minefield with, in theory, any of the five nominees still able to win the Oscar. David And Luke discuss the winners of the Golden Globe award for Best Actress and how much impact they think this may have this season, in light of the awards show not being shown televised or discussed as much as previous years. The Screen Actors Guild Awards is also discussed and how this may impact the result on Oscars Sunday. Both David and Luke then struggle, but do manage, to make their predictions for the big night. 

The men then get the Oscars deep dive. Can Will Smith win his first Oscar? Will he sweep this awards season? Or can Benedict Cumberbatch win at the Critics Choice Awards plus BAFTA and really shake the race up? Predictions are made. 

Best Supporting Actress looks like the most predictable category with Ariana DeBose looking set to sweep this awards season but David, in his usual bonkers fashion, is terrified of Judi Dench and believes she may just spoil the party come Oscars Sunday. Has he gone mad? Is DeBose a lock win? This is discussed. 

Finally before the show concludes David and Luke analyse another intriguing category in Best Supporting Actor. Can Troy kotsur build on his SAG victory and take Oscars gold? Or is Kodi Smitt McPhee still the leader in the clubhouse? David and Luke both sing the praises of Troy Kotsur’s performance and his general personality but will Jesse Plemons nomination ultimately help  Kotsur’s cause? This is also discussed. 

Throughout the show David of course touches on the gambling odds to give the listener an idea of who is likely to win and what these odds mean for the Oscars race. The show concludes with Luke reminding you, the listener, where you can find his work and David tells us what’s coming next! 

Episode Transcript

Craig Fields

Presenter & Producer

Craig has been developing his skills in the podcasting world since starting the podcast in 2018 with David. Craig loves nothing more than seeing films on the big screen and talking about them on the show. Craig is the technical guru of the show.

David Long

Presenter & Producer

David is a passionate individual when it comes to the cinema. He's been honing his presenting skills and developed his own spin off show, called ROAD TO THE OSCARS. When David isn't in the cinema, he can be found at his local gambling establishment.