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Love it

I like the film reviews!!

Is it Worth it?

Definitely worth it & a unique premise. Genuinely helpful if you’re in two minds whether or not to pay for a cinema ticket. The guys have a good rapport, wide ranging taste & an obvious love of film. The reviews are like listening to friends in the way they talk about the films they’ve seen.

Love Movies? Then listen to this

The Weekly episodes are well structured. And fun to listen to. The bonus content is brilliant. Love Topical Talk, Road to the oscars, and also that Star Wars one was great. Thought Kyle and Ranjeet with Craig made for a great team. LISTEN TODAY.

Rapidly becoming big

These guys started as a small team, and they’re growing. Lots of varied content, lots of great conversation and a really enjoyable film listen when driving around.

great podcast

Loads of fun listening. Informative reviews and great bonus content too. Big thumbs up!

Great podcast

Helpful and funny reviews. Keep it up.

Excellent Find

So glad I came across this podcast. Episodes are highly entertaining, informative and an easy listen. Would highly recommend


I highly recommend listening to these guys and subscribing. I absolutely love listening to this. It’s the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, defiantly does make you smile and laugh

Great Podcast.

Fantastic podcast to listen to. They deliver great reviews on films on what’s good to see and what’s not. If you want to listen to a great film review podcast subscribe to theses guys. 👍🏻

Is it worth it. Fantastic Podcast

I love listening to these guys. Craig Fields and David Long are passionate about films and it shows. I always enjoy listening to them each week. Keep going guys.

Perfect film podcast

These two are hilarious and they really know their stuff when it comes to films!

Fantastic podcast

Love these podcasts great reviews and love how the host bounce off each other, always makes me laugh. A must listen to podcast.


Excellent chat, gr8 lads.

A must listen to 👍🏼

Love these podcasts and a must for all movie fans, funny, honest and I can really relate to it. Keep up the good work David and Craig

Enoyable podcast

Been listening for a few weeks now. A great podcast for film reviews & discussion. Craig & David (hang on Craig David?) have a good chemistry and are knowledgeable and passionate about films but they never come across as condescending. The podcast is light-hearted in tone but with stuffed with substance. Keep up the great work guys. (From a certain Bear)

Great podcast

Really loving the podcast - enjoy listening on my journey to work. Lots of banter and laughs. Love that sort of thing! Looking forward to winning some tickets to the cinema!

Definitely worth it.

If the varying opinions and hilarious content isn’t enough for you, the relationship between the two definitely will be. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every episode and I hope there are many more to come. Keep up the good work lads ☺️

A really good listen

Found this film review podcast and have listened in every week. The Reviews of the films are top notch, the presenters are very knowledgeable, and have good rapport , which makes this a nice listen. Looking forward to episode 4.

A comedic duo in the making

Love the podcast, better than the usual dross with a hint of chaos

Love It!!!!

Loved it, very funny however, also very informative. A great listen!!!!!

Davids trumpet

I really liked the tune, stay with it

So much potential

For a start up podcast the audio is excellent and the relationship between the hosts is excellent. Laughed along and learned about the latest films!